Meet the Team


Jacqueline Karithi
Jacqueline Kariithi

Jacqueline is a Post-doctoral Research Associate in the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at Princeton University.


Her engagement with the African Summit is derived from her interests in mentorship, youth development and addressing the science-policy gap in research and education.


Gabriel Mekbib

Gabriel is a Masters in Public Affairs candidate ‘21 at the School for Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.


Gabriel is a development professional who has worked in the microfinance, agricultural and health sectors in Eastern Africa.

Brand Marketing & Promotion

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Daniel Somwaru

Daniel Somwaru is an undergraduate student (Class of 2022) at Princeton University majoring in Comparative Literature.


He is pursuing a certificate in the History and Practice of Diplomacy and is also passionate about the intersection between data science and social change.


Syndae Taylor

Sydnae Taylor is a sophomore at Princeton University majoring in Neuroscience on the pre-medical path. As a research assistant in the department of art and archeology, she is curating a digital resource for visualizing the interconnected nature of colonialism, image-making and medicine in the British Empire.


Sydnae is passionate about building bridges that connect Africans on the continent to those in the diaspora. She hopes to use her role in the Africa Summit to encourage global change-makers and innovators to re-engage with the continent.

Business Development

Mutemwa Masheke

Mutemwa is a Zambian national and a sophomore at Princeton University studying Computer Science in the school of engineering. Drawing inspiration from his work in Zambia Robotics and work experience with Microsoft, Mutemwa has had a keen interest in Afrofuturism and the impact of technology on people from all over the African Diaspora.


A large amount of Mutemwa's interest also lies in entrepreneurship in the technology sector and its influence on policy, economics and equality in all parts of the world. Mutemwa believes that the future of the Afriican continent is the prioritization of pan-African development and is commited to contributing to the prioritization of African people from across the world in all sectors of the global economy.

Tevin Singei

Tevin Singei is a Kenyan in Princeton's Undergraduate Class of 2024 studying Political Economy in the Economics Department.


Tevin is excited about the intersection of business and policy analysis, and is passionate about the role of Public-Private Partnerships in bolstering the development of emerging economies. Outside school and work, he enjoys hiking and spending time with friends.

Nadia Ralston

Nadia Ralston is a junior at Princeton University studying Environmental Engineering with a certificate in Sustainable Energy. As someone who has always been encouraged to develop a deep grasp of the world, Nadia's passion for tackling complex, global problems has incited her interests in global environmental justice.


Having explored research opportunities across a variety of sectors including carbon utilization and exercising her passion in entrepreneurship, she hopes to one day work towards integrating high-tech sustainable solutions to international development projects, particularly those related to building a resiliency towards climate change induced disasters in urban design and energy infrastructure.Even more, her connection to family in Ethiopia and experience there has only exacerbated her interest in the potential of Africa.


Outside of her engineering endeavors, Nadia also works to apply her artistic skills in domestic social justice campaigns and fundraising.

Speaker Coordination

Brian Gitahi

Brian Gitahi is a sophomore at Princeton University interested in urban planning, language and has a keen eye for art.


Most recently, he worked on a project to assist a French startup customize its website to adapt to the COVID era.

Molly Aguina

Molly is a Junior studying Sociology with a certificate in Neuroscience. She is on the pre-med track and hopes to go to medical school to be a neurosurgeon or pediatric oncologist.


While she is passionate about medicine, she is also interested in studying in Africa after Princeton and exploring both social activism and public health there. She hopes that the Summit will increase exposure to Africa to the Princeton student body!


Kezia Dickson

Kezia Dickson is a second year student at Princeton University studying at the School of Public and International Affairs.


Her interest in Africa lies in developing strategies to foster an economically independent Africa and ending the environmental injustice policies that continue to create a polluted Africa.

Tecla Mafa

Tecla is a Zimbabwean first year Undergraduate student at Princeton University planning on studying Neuroscience and pursuing a certificate in French studies.


She is passionate about Pan-African initiatives as well as topics in decolonising African education.

Graduate Advisors

Nash Mepukori

Nash Mepukori is a master’s student at Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs. She is passionate about strengthening health systems to improve wellbeing in developing countries. Prior to Princeton, she spent four years working on health issues in sub-Saharan Africa, India, and the United States.


She has led projects on maternal and newborn survival, reproductive justice, immunization, primary healthcare, universal health coverage, and health financing. Nash is also a women’s rights activist, especially dedicated to researching and promoting community-led approaches to end female genital cutting.

Ikenna Ugwu

Ikenna Ugwu is a Masters in Public Policy candidate ‘21 at the School for Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. Ikenna has more than 10 years professional experience in the field of international development, cutting across three continents-Africa, Asia and Europe.


With the United Nations World Food Programme, he has worked in difficult and war ravaged countries, contributing to the organization's vision of saving lives and changing lives. He holds a master's degree in human development and food security as well as communications.