About The Summit

The Africa Summit at Princeton is a student-run association that hosts conferences and events bringing together global changemakers to discuss challenges and opportunities facing the African continent. By putting renowned scholars, visionary politicians, and cutting-edge entrepreneurs in conversation with passionate students at Princeton and neighboring institutions, the Summit offers a unique platform to translate ideas and relationships into meaningful action.


Why Princeton?

The major factor that differentiates our conference from the plethora of other Africa-related conferences in this country is the fact that as one of the smallest Ivy-League schools in the United States, Princeton is known for its distinct undergraduate focus. We believe the convergence of these two elements: the Woodrow Wilson School’s focus on governance, development and foreign policy and the unique youthfulness of the Princeton population, gives us a new and interesting perspective on Africa, the world’s youngest continent.

The Africa Summit at Princeton takes a nuanced approach by confronting Africa from the developmental perspective, allowing us to cover topics such as government and public policy, social justice, civic engagement, and other elements that relate to the public sphere, rather than being primarily concerned with private bodies and how they can help Africa grow. 

The Africa Summit at Princeton is a manifestation of a cross-discipline, cross-community, and cross-background interest in Africa, and the desire to see sustainable change for the better.

African Youth Driving Change on the Continent

The 2020 Summit, which focused on post COVID-19 economic recovery, brought together over 800 individuals and featured keynote speakers, a Youth and Green Energy panels,  roundtables on the African Continental Free Trade Area, and a New Venture Competition.

This Spring, the ASP will host a series of virtual events on 30 April 2021 under the theme “African Youth in Driving Change”, recognizing the pivotal role young people are playing in Africa’s political, social justice, health, economic, and environmental spheres, among others. 

This spring’s theme will be unpackaged through three separate virtual panel sessions on:


  • Panel 1: COVID-19 and Vaccine Equity in Africa  

  • Panel 2: Empowering the Next Generation of African Entrepreneurs

  • Panel 3: Youth engagement in Social and Political spaces 


Through these sessions, the Symposium will explore how Africa can navigate the challenges and opportunities of reform and innovation that are making resilience possible. These conversations will illuminate various efforts and reforms that can contribute to a lasting prosperity that is resilient