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Africa Summit Spring Symposium

April 20-21, 2023

About this Event

The Africa Summit at Princeton is a student-run association that hosts conferences and events bringing together global changemakers to discuss challenges and opportunities facing the African continent. By putting renowned scholars, visionary politicians, and cutting-edge entrepreneurs in conversation with passionate students at Princeton and neighboring institutions, the Summit offers a unique platform to translate ideas and relationships into meaningful action.

Spring 2023 Theme: “Growing Africa beyond the continent and into the diaspora”


Panel 1: Black Indigenous Realities

African cultural practices and epistemologies, religion after colonization and our shifted understanding, West African religious beliefs and their journey to the diaspora (Caribbean).

April 20, 2pm EST


Panel 2: African Music in the Diaspora

Embracing African heritage and legacy beyond the continent is a very relevant topic for many young Africans as we recognise becoming global citizens and at the same time decolonising our identities and reconstructing a sense of self in the diaspora.

April 20, 5pm EST

Panel 3: African Policy Panel

As part of the 2023 Africa Summit at Princeton, the panel event, Beyond the Leaders Summit: Rethinking the Future of U.S.-Africa Relations for Shared Prosperity, will bring together U.S.-Africa policy experts to discuss the successes and missed opportunities of the U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit, as well as what direction U.S. foreign policy should pursue to forge stronger, more prosperous partnerships with African nations.

April 21, 5pm EST

Panel and Event Announcements

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