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Africa Summit Spring Symposium

April 19-21, 2023

About this Event

The Africa Summit at Princeton is a student-run association that hosts conferences and events bringing together global changemakers to discuss challenges and opportunities facing the African continent. By putting renowned scholars, visionary politicians, and cutting-edge entrepreneurs in conversation with passionate students at Princeton and neighboring institutions, the Summit offers a unique platform to translate ideas and relationships into meaningful action.

Spring 2023 Theme: “Growing Africa beyond the continent and into the diaspora”


Panel 1: Black Indigenous Realities

This moderated conversation will be exploring African cultural practices and epistemologies pre and post-colonialism, religious and spiritual rituals as well as the journey of this knowledge and traditions to the diaspora outside of the continent. 

March 20, 1pm EST

Panel 2: African Music in the Diaspora

 This moderated conversation will be exploring the theme of modern African music and its place in the global sphere. Afrobeats and amapiano are examples of African-born genres that have entered world popular music. These genres are strongly influenced by traditional and indigenous roots and have a cultural importance that might become erased on the popular market.

March 20, 5pm EST

Panel 3: U.S-Africa Policy

This panel will be exploring the successes and missed opportunities of the recently held U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit, as well as recommendations for U.S. engagement toward Africa moving forward.

March 21, 5pm EST

Panel and Event Announcements

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